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Emporio Armani: Together Stronger

Emporio Armani: Together Stronger

I recently received the Emporio Armani Together Stronger cologne and perfume duo for my fiance and I. The duo consists of the “Stronger With You” cologne for men, and the “Because It’s You” perfume for women. The two fragrances are meant to compliment each other so that couples can coordinate scents. Kyle was extremely excited to try his cologne because he wears cologne every day, and loves trying new scents. I was equally excited because I have recently started dabbling into the world of perfumes and getting a feel for the scents that I like.

I’ll start off with the “Because It’s You” perfume that I received. I find that this scent jives really well with my body. Initially I wasn’t crazy about the scent, but the more I wore it throughout the day, the more I ended up really loving it. I tend to like sweet/spicy scents, and this definitely falls into that category. To me, this smells very feminine and pretty. It’s not too overbearing, and I think it’s a great every day scent. It lasts a long time, which is very important to me. This is a quite expensive item, and it’s nice to know that it’s going to last on the skin. The notes in this perfume are raspberry & neroli, rose, and vanilla & musk. For me, this is the perfect blend of sweet from the raspberry, feminine from the rose, and a little bit of sexy from the vanilla & musk. The 1.7oz (50ml) bottle that I have retails for $69.00, and I think it’s one that’s worth the splurge.

Kyle has been testing out the “Stronger With You” cologne, and we both have very similar opinions on the scent of his fragrance. Typically he doesn’t like very sweet scents, and this is an extremely sweet cologne to the point where it almost smells feminine. I’m not sure if it was designed this way so that it complimented the “Because It’s You” perfume, but regardless, it’s just a bit too sweet for his personal taste. With that said, he did really enjoy the fact that it wore a long time on the skin even though the scent wasn’t quite his taste. The notes in this cologne are tender sage, pepper & cardamom, and vanilla & chestnut. Again, Kyle prefers a more “manly” scent, but if you are someone who likes a sweeter cologne, you will probably really enjoy this one. The 1.7oz (50ml) bottle that he has retails for $69.00.

As far as how the two work together, I think they definitely compliment each other well. If you are a couple who likes to smell sweet, I think this duo is great. I tend to like a muskier scent on my man, but I love to smell sweet and sexy with my perfumes. Kyle agrees that he would’ve liked to smell a little bit more masculine, but he did enjoy my scent. They definitely have similar qualities, and I think that the idea of having two scents that compliment each other is a really cute idea for couples.

If you’re interested in checking out these two scents, you can find the “Because It’s You” and the “Stronger With You” duo here! Let me know if you’ve tried these scents, or what your current favorites are!

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