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It Movie Review | 2017

It Movie Review | 2017

‘IT’ is definitely the most anticipated movie of 2017 thus far. We have all previously fallen in love with the original 1990 TV two part mini-series, and of course, the infamous novel by Stephen King. This movie release was exciting for horror lovers, and equally terrifying for those with a fear of clowns. As a scary movie lover myself, needless to say, I rushed to the theaters opening weekend to see if this revamped version of a classic horror tale was going to live up to the standard. If you are not interested in reading spoilers about the movie, do not proceed reading beyond this point.

In the original mini-series, they flip flop between the present and the past, showing the main characters as children and adults. In the 2017 movie remake, they only showed the characters as children. The entire movie, I wondered why it was taking so long for them to wrap up the part where they were children, and move on to the adult portion. Well, it never happened, and I’m glad it didn’t. At the very end of the movie, they left the story open for a sequel, so that they could come back and defeat Pennywise years later when he returns. This really excited me, especially since the original mini-series was done in two parts. It would only be right to do the movie in two parts as well.

As far as the casting, I thought that their choices were excellent. The kids who played in the movie were spunky and perfect for their roles. As far as Pennywise goes, I think Bill Skarsgard did a fantastic job. He was the perfect amount of creepy. His facial expressions and his voice just fit the role so well, and I feel that he truly did it justice.

The special effects and the camera work in the film were incredible as well. It was shot and directed artfully, and the special effect work was just beautiful. The special effects really added a modern day feel, and that was nice to see. I was blown away in the first scene where Pennywise appears. I was not expecting how extreme and gruesome his teeth would look when he attacked Georgie, and I was actually very impressed.

Pennywise’s makeup was probably my favorite thing about the entire film (no surprise there). In my opinion, it was a huge step above the makeup from the 1990 mini series. I love that they made him look a bit scarier. They scaled back his nose quite a bit and painted it on, rather than adding a prosthetic. The original Pennywise also had very stark thin brows, while the new Pennywise had his brows concealed so that they could create a new set of brows that were set father apart, higher, and more arched to give him a more evil look. They also reshaped his lips to make them more clown-like, with a very thin top lip and a much thicker bottom lip. He has red lines connecting from the corners of his evil smile all the way up through his eyes and above his brow, and they also darkened up his under eyes quite a bit. His teeth were more rounded and “clown like” in my opinion. These minor touches really gave Pennywise a much more menacing look, and it made a huge difference. When you see him smile, it will surely send chills up your spine every time.

Overall, I think the movie was engaging and thrilling the entire time. I couldn’t look away from the screen, and found myself eager to see when Pennywise would pop up next. They stayed fairly true to the original, and I love that they are splitting the story up into two parts. I left the theater excited to see where the next movie takes us, and who will be cast as the adult versions of the kid characters. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out HERE! I highly recommend going to see this one. It’s the perfect intro into the Fall and Halloween seasons, and I think I’ll enjoy watching this time and time again.

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