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Warby Parker Winter 2017 Collection | First Look

Warby Parker Winter 2017 Collection | First Look

This one is for all of my fellow four-eyes! I am so excited to share an exclusive first look at the new Warby Parker Winter 2017 Collection. While I don’t wear my glasses every day (like I should… I’m a rebel), I have been a long-time fan of this brand. My fiancé, Kyle, wears their glasses daily, and will probably never wear anything else because he’s so die hard for Warby Parker. Their glasses are extremely high quality and made to last, and I can confidently say that it’s true. This collection is absolutely beautiful, and combines class with style, just like everything else that they do!

The Winter 2017 Collection is inspired by precious stones and metals. This includes marble, sandalwood, crystal, rosewood, slate, walnut, granite, and more. This collection is such a fun twist for Warby Parker. There are ten different styles to choose from, most of which have varying color options. This collection caters to both men and women, and I truly believe that there is a style and shape for everyone.

I’ll share with you a few of my favorite styles and recommendations. The first style, which is my favorite from the entire collection, is the Louise Small. I have wide set, almond shaped eyes, and this particular style would really flatter me. I love that they are slightly upturned at the edge, and come in three different shades. This particular shade is Blush Tortoise, and it is so feminine and pretty.

Another one of my favorites from the collection is the Haley. Much like the Louise Small, they are slightly upturned at the edge and very thin, which I love. This really helps to lift the face, and give an almost cat eye effect. This style comes in two different shades.The one pictured here is Striped Marble, which is my favorite of the two.

For my men’s recommendation, I turned to Kyle, because he is the Warby Parker expert after all! His personal favorite of the Winter Collection is the Lowry. They are shaped similarly to the style that he wears now (The Winston), so I’m not surprised that these are his favorite! He loves thicker, more masculine frames, and these are perfect for him. He loves the square shape, and the two color options. Here they are pictured in Jet Fade.

This collection is now live on the Warby Parker website if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses. My favorite thing about Warby Parker is that they will mail you five pairs of your choice to try for free at home for five days. That way, you can try on your favorite styles to see which ones you like best before you purchase them. Let me know what style is your favorite from this collection, and which pairs you’re excited to try!






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